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A MINIMUM 2 WEEK WAIT PERIOD should be expected between the date of your order and the delivery of your grow kit. This is the time it takes to make the kit and ensure it is ready to produce mushrooms.


The Lion's Mane grow kit is a 10lb grow kit, 2X the size of the ones you will find online. You can expect 4lbs of mushrooms from this kit over the course of its lifespan. Afterwards, it makes for a great addition to your compost.


The Reishi grow kit is 5lbs, which is the ideal size preferred by this unique species of fungi. Yields vary but the beauty and medicine within this species does not. This kit will grow for 2-3 months before it is ready for harvest. Watching it grow is half of the experience for this species.


All online orders of grow kits that cannot coordinate a local pick-up or delivery will be refunded and not fulfilled, nonwithstanding special circumstances AKA one-on-one communication with us via prior to your order.

Grow mushrooms from the comfort of your home and enjoy the wondrous experience of watching a block of sawdust turn into pounds of fresh gourmet mushrooms.

Each Lion's Mane 10lb block will yield approximately 3 to 4lbs of mushrooms over the course of its life. You can expect your first harvest approximately 2 weeks after you receive the kit and around 10-14 days after each subsequent harvest, another flush of mushrooms will be ready for harvest!


Once the block is done (typically after 3 harvests, though some people have stretched it to 7 before!!) use the sawdust as an excellent additive to your compost or garden beds.



All kits come with instructions for caring for the kit, harvesting your mushrooms, and preparing the kit for 2nd, 3rd and 4th flushes of mushrooms.


Learn about some great recipes to try with your Lion's Mane mushrooms by heading to our 'Learn' page or by copying and pasting this link into a new browser page:

Mushroom Grow Kits

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