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Learn to Grow, Extract and Forage Your Own Food and Medicine

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With more than five years of mushroom cultivation AND teaching experience, we're here to help you find success the first time whether you're feeding a family or a village.


From closet grows and conducting lab work in a still air box to building full fledged fruiting rooms and working with laminar flow hoods in sterile labs, we've done it all step-by-step.


We're confident we will find a workable approach tailored to your unique situation. Adaptability and creativity are the cornerstones of our consulting services.



 Since 2019, we've been experimenting, researching, and developing best practices for the extraction of medicinal compounds from medicinal mushrooms.

Whether you're a homescale extractor looking for advice on making your own medicinal mushroom extracts, or a entrepreneur looking to start the next medicinal mushroom extract company, we can help get you started with the right  equipment and know-how of the current regulatory landscape.

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A certified wild mushroom identification expert in seven states (SC, AL, NC, GA, PA, VA, NY), our founder Sam is here to help you gain the confidence to wild forage your own fungal food, from Morels in the Spring to Chanterelles, Milkies and Chicken of the Woods in the Summer, to Maitake, Turkey Tail, Lion's Mane and Enoki in the Fall and Winter.

Interested in a consultation with our founder Sam?
Email us at for rates, details and to schedule a call or meeting.

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