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four medicinal mushroom extract bottles

Professionally Extracted,
Small Batch,
High Potency,
Third Party Tested,
100% Mushroom Fruit Bodies

Homestead Grown, Lab Extracted

Welcome to Mindfull Mycology, a medicinal mushroom extract company concerned with potency, not profits. Set amid the forests of the southern Appalachian Mountains, we're guided by three core values: potent products, affordable prices and transparent processes. We grow, extract and bottle practically everything in-house and never use grains, fillers or imported mushrooms in our products. Check out the products in our Shop or head over to our Learn page to read about the health benefits a medicinal mushroom extract can bring to your life.

Sophie and Sam of Mindfull Mycology


The dark secret of the current medicinal mushroom industry isn’t pretty. 

Unfortunately, the truth is that when people spend their hard earned money on medicinal mushroom supplements, what they often receive is little more than an overpriced container of powdered cereal grains or an over diluted liquid extract. 


It’s profitable.

At Mindfull Mycology, we do things differently because our “why” is different.

Before Mindfull Mycology was even a twinkle in our founder Sam’s eye, he was making batches of Lion’s Mane and Reishi medicinal mushroom extracts with one goal: to make the most potent extract possible. Making a profit never even crossed his mind.  

Why not?

Profit was never the purpose.

Think of it this way: when you fear for your aging parents’ mental health and want to improve your own, you aren’t looking to cut corners or make a buck. You’re looking to make a high quality medicinal mushroom extract that actually works. 

That, in a nutshell, is the raison d’etre behind Mindfull Mycology. 

Of course, well crafted words are all nice and rosy but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

So, what’s our pudding? 

First, take a look at our reviews. We haven't had a single one come in with less than 5 stars and our reviews are third-party verified to ensure only verified customers can leave a review.

We also recommend that you click through to our “Learn” page, where you can read about the most well-studied benefits of incorporating medicinal mushroom extracts into your daily routine. 

We strive to be very open about our sourcing, production and extraction processes, something else that makes us a bit unique in this industry. Of course, when you grow and extract practically everything yourself, transparency is rather straightforward.

To learn about our current extraction processes, read our article Medicinal Mushroom Extractions: Our Process, dive into our methods with our simplified How to Use a Soxhlet Extractor guide and learn why we use a Soxhlet in our post Soxhlet Extractor: Why We Do What We Do.

Or, to learn more about why we prefer the dual extract methodology for our products, head on over to Medicinal Mushroom Dual Extracts: Why We Make Them and You Take Them.

As for the ‘Us’ in “About Us,” for now we’re mostly a one-man show. That man is Sam, a former award-winning investigative journalist turned Fungi Academy teacher with more than five years of mushroom cultivation and four years of medicinal mushroom extract experience under his belt. 

Sam grows, forages, harvests, processes, extracts, batches and bottles practically everything we sell from our facility in the southern Appalachian Mountains of north Georgia. The love of his life, Sophie—an engineer, natural builder and ecological landscape designer—helps with rest. 

Before you go, we want to thank you for visiting our site, considering our products and supporting our mission to provide medicinal mushroom extracts that are potent, powerful, transparently produced and affordable. At the end of the day, we just want to help people.

Consider helping us help you by perusing our Shop and checking out our blog at Learn to read more about the science behind medicinal mushroom extracts and what they can do for you.

Mush love,

Sam & Sophie

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